Cantilever Sliding Gate

Approx Price - Rs 450/square feet

Cantilever Gate system is a arrangement for sliding gates which is suitable for safeguarding industrial, commercial and public conveniences, where the road surfaces are rough or sloping. The gate is made-up of robust steel and works on a modest principle of 2 heavy duty carriages grouted and a massive galvanized track that rolls on the carriages, thus avoiding the need for a bottom track. Cantilevered Sliding Gates accessible for a span of up to 30 m appropriate for securing commercial, industrial & public utilities The benefit of using cantilevered gates is that they have no ground track or foundation in the roadway hence vehicle does not experience any collisions .Ideal for road surfaces which are uneven or sloping. Gate is not susceptible to to getting blocked by leaves or dirt hence reduced maintenance. Flat, quiet action due to no supports at the bottom of the gate.

Product Details

Material: - Mild steel
Open Style: - Sliding
Frequency: - 50 Hz
Height : - 5 Feet
Motor Voltage : - 220 V
Power Source : - Electric


  • Completely tested

  • Latest technology

  • International standard

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